Christian is spelled d-i-f-f-e-r-e-n-t

A consistent theme in the Bible and the history of the church is repentance. Repentance away from sin, to God and God’s word. The way into the kingdom of God is through repentance and faith in Jesus. But then it is necessary to continue to have a lifestyle of repentance as you continue to follow Jesus. When my selfish agendas collide with God and God’s will, the way forward is for the heart to bow to God’s will. And God’s will is written in the Bible and it is designed based on God’s love and care for man. Much of what is in the world wants to try to influence us away from Jesus and what the Bible teaches and no human being is immune to this. But with God’s help, it is possible to live as a Christian regardless of what is going on around.

A Christian person according to the Bible is really different. One does not call upon the devil or the place where the devil and his followers will one day end up, when speaking. You don’t lie, steal, get drunk or have sex outside of marriage, not even in your imagination. Fairly obvious things that even many non-Christians understand that Christians should not practice.

But, unfortunately, we Christians have been too influenced by the spirit of the world in recent times. It is still the Bible that is the guiding principle, completely independent of society’s trends. The compromise, which only gets bigger as time goes on, will never stop unless we hit the brakes, turn around and confess our sin to God.

Not following the Bible regarding marriage, divorce and remarriage is still not okay. To be part of ecumenism because one puts one’s trust in the influence of institutional Christianity and at the same time closes one’s eyes to the erroneous teachings, it is a sin and leads to confusion and deception and it is not pleasing God. To be mostly concerned with introverted activity in one’s reluctance to the mission command, rhymes badly with the Acts of the Apostles and the church’s revival and mission heritage. To want to please oneself and other people more than God, that does not glorify God.

The Gospel of Jesus is a too wonderful and powerful message to be mixed up with the spirit of this world. The price Jesus paid to redeem us from our sins and reconcile us to God deserves all our respect and hearts burning with love for Him.

Repentance from sin and turning to God is something wonderful. It makes you feel fresh and the joy returns. Let us who profess to believe in Jesus continue to follow Him with bent and soft hearts on the path of repentance. Then we will really be different, which will give hope to some and disturb others. Not as self-righteous moralists but as people saved by grace who are shaped in the image of Jesus.

Jesus’ love is warm, real and genuine and He has real power to work miracles where honest hearts are. But when people don’t want to respond, Jesus moves on and looks for someone who has a willing heart. The message both to the world and the church is – repentance, faith in Jesus and to practice and believe in the word of God. Jesus is our hero, come to Him today, right now.

God bless you.