I who run Faith fuel, my name is David Billstrom and I live in Sweden. I grew up in a Christian family and used to accompany my parents to church.

I had a personal faith in Jesus already when I was young, but at the age of 19 I got a really bad conscience at one point and understood that I was heading in the wrong direction, deeper into sin. The experience shook me and I saw that I had been so close to Christian faith and practice, yet was going completely wrong with my life. God became more real to me, I got a strong awareness that God is holy and at the same time I became so grateful that God in His grace had shown me my need for repentance. I had been about to lose Jesus, even though I went to church. Faith in Jesus went from my head into my heart and became the conviction of the heart.

Since this experience, Jesus has been the treasure of my heart. It became natural to tell others about Him, first to my friends and then to others. And I have continued with that, both in and outside of churchbuildings, at home in Sweden and in several other countries both in Europe and Asia.

The message of Jesus is the best, most powerful and most important message in the world and all people have the right to hear it. I have personally seen how Jesus with His love redeemed people through the forgiveness of sins and with His power healed the sick and freed people who were oppressed by darkness. Jesus is wonderful.